kanepidia paid content overview

kanepidia paid content overview

Woodward Governor

The content in this module is intended as a training module for personnel interested in increasing their knowledge of the Woodward 505E governor and its associated control functions.

The information contained in the module describes the control basics utilised for compressor control, the different types of steam turbines that are available (Straight Condensing; Inlet Pressure; Admission; Extraction; etc.) and the different characteristics of each, the hardware and I/O configuration pertaining to the 505E governor, and the control functions that are available in the governor (i.e. start control; speed control; cascade control; and auxiliary control).

It also describes the software structure in the controller, the basic architecture of the programming, the different service panel modes that the controller operates in, the configuration (programming) mode, an overview of the service mode, an overview of the run mode, and some details pertaining to the tuning of the controller and the response to the tuning parameter changes.

This module is intended for a target audience of personnel with a limited to medium level range of understanding of turbine control and wish to expand their knowledge further.