kanepidia paid content overview

kanepidia is an online knowledgebase providing and sharing industry technical information / knowledge amongst users throughout all industries across the globe.

You’re working at an industrial asset (oil and gas, refining, mineral processing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, manufacturing, utilities etc.). An issue occurs with a system or piece of equipment that needs to be fixed, and you realise you don’t have the information required, or in some cases the training or skillset, to fix it. Sound familiar?

Wouldn’t you like to be able to log onto a site, do a search, and find a real world example that someone else has faced with some useful advice on how to fix it? Well, you’re not alone…

Why not share information that you discover or learn with your peers and colleagues around the world? Use kanepidia to find information that assists you and also provide information that may help others.

Here’s how kanepidia works:

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There is a vast wealth of knowledge and experience available through kanepidia. Some of this content has been made available for all users and guests to access free of charge. Other content within kanepidia has been provided by companies with areas of specific expertise and is available for a small annual subscription fee.

Visit www.kanepidia.com to create an account and start using kanepidia.