kanepi… connecting people with assets and information

A powerful Visualisation tool to help companies manage, measure and analyse data from operating assets.

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    Visualisation for operations

    kanepi Visualisation software enables production and operational data to be viewed from any PC connected to a company’s intranet via a web browser. This gives end users a ‘live’ view of what is happening at production facilities while visualisation trending allows historical data to be trended for analysis and fault finding.

    Connecting people with information enables quicker analysis and identification of issues and therefore more informed decision making.

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    Display data from any source

    Graphic displays are created using real-time and historical data from sources such as process historians, real-time process data, SQL and Relational Databases (corporate software such as HSE, financial, maintenance and production systems). The displays can show values on a background image along with charts, trends, dynamic shapes (valves, level bars, traffic lights etc.) and other objects to represent and display data. Calculations can be created within the displays that reference multiple tags from various data sources. No programming knowledge is required.

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    Trend your data

    All time-series based data can be viewed as a historical trend over time. Trending supports data from multiple sources on the same axis e.g. process data can be displayed with lab or financial system data on the same trend.

    The kanepi Visualisation trending tool is a versatile solution that provides immediate trending capability and enhances display functionality. The user simply ‘right-clicks’ over any display / data point to create and view a trend, or embed a trend in a display through trending objects that facilitate multiple trend lines, and add comments e.g. add a comment explaining the reasons behind a process upset for future reference. Frequently used trends can be configured as displays ensuring the trend data is quickly accessible – another smart solution from kanepi.


Provides the ability to view real time and historical process data in a highly visual manner. Monitoring and analysis trending can be performed from any networked PC.




End users have the ability to see what is going on at their production facilities from networked PCs, at any time, irrespective of their location.


Provides diagnostic and analysis trending efficiently from your desk. Data from multiple and disparate sources can be collated, made accessible and analysed from one place.

Low cost of ownership

kanepi Visualisation is not licensed by the number of users. Companies can self-manage and administer the system in house. Provides a low ongoing cost of ownership.

Powerful features

Provides operations and key personnel with a real-time view of the process and associated metrics / KPIs from any networked PC, anywhere, anytime.


Graphic displays are created using real-time and historical data from sources such as process historians, real-time process data, SQL and Relational Databases.