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kanepi provides a range of consulting services to support the use of technologies in operations.

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    Custom Solutions

    While kanepi has developed software products that provide benefits from accessing real-time and historic operations data, we recognised our customers often have unique requirements.

    We welcome the opportunity to work with companies to design and build custom solutions to support specific processes or perform specific functions not already available.

    Building a custom solution with kanepi may not be as expensive as you think.

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    Advisory Services

    kanepi is focussed on operating companies. We provide professional services to help companies derive greater value from their investments in processes and technologies.

    Services include; DCS / PCS / SCADA, security, monitoring and reporting, productivity tools, integration and information management.

    kanepi maintains expertise in numerous distributed control systems from major vendors.

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    Data Analysis & Reporting Services

    With declining commodity prices it is important that companies maximise production throughput. Equipment downtime and failure are key factors which influence profitability.

    kanepi provides reporting solutions that give insight into equipment, asset and process data, enabling appropriate action to be taken, in time. Whether utilising kanepi proprietary solutions or other third party software products, kanepi reporting solutions aggregate data from multiple sources and provide an integrated interpretation of the data to provide valuable information to maintain and/or improve production.

    kanepi analysis and reporting services are applicable to process industries, including Oil & Gas, Resources, Mineral Processing and Manufacturing.

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    Implementation and Support

    kanepi provides cost effective consulting to implement and configure its software solutions.

    kanepi is committed to supporting its customers and strives to make it easy for its customers to get help when needed.


kanepi provides off the shelf software applications, custom solutions and professional services to help operating companies derive value from their investments.


Benefits of using kanepi services

Easy to do business with

kanepi prides itself on delivering cost effective solutions to operations. Our modular approach to providing solutions means customers can avail of relevant and integrated software without the overheads of ‘big ticket’ systems.

The value of experience

With backgrounds in operations, engineering, projects and maintenance, the kanepi team have in-depth experience in operating assets. Exposure to numerous operating companies and process facilities put us in a unique position to add value.

The bottom line

More than ever operating companies need access to information technologies that help improve production efficiency and deliver bottom line benefits. kanepi provides cost effective solutions at a price point few can match.

Connecting people with data

It’s what we do.