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The Permit to Work system provides instant visibility of permit to work status for permit controllers, HSE, Emergency Response teams and facility managers.

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    A unique and flexible approach

    kanepi provides a flexible approach to help companies manage their Permit to Work (PTW) process. The kanepi PTW module provides a complete solution to raise, submit, review, approve, reject, print and close out permits through an easy to use electronic workflow.

    For organisations not yet ready to progress to a full electronic PTW solution, kanepi provides the option to structure its solution to run in parallel with a company’s existing paper based PTW system, therefore no change to the existing PTW or business process is required. This augments and increases the value of an existing paper based system by providing users with a far higher level of oversight into their existing paper PTW system.

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    An easy to use interface

    PTW solutions from kanepi provide operations personnel with real-time visibility of all permit related work, anywhere, anytime. Functionality such as permitry visibility from any networked PC, desktop permit audits, automatic statistics, and quick historical searches cannot be replicated with the ‘paper shuffle’ of paper based systems.

    Users can quickly and easily determine issued, overdue, suspended, planned and permits requiring re-validation. Search filters allow previously issued permits to be quickly retrieved as history is maintained for every permit issued.

    PTW is useful for Emergency Response situations as ER teams can quickly determine what works are being performed at the asset and who is the performing authority.

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    Highly visual to improve health and safety

    A key advantage of kanepi’s electronic Permit to Work System is instant real-time visibility across an intranet on the status of permits within a facility, which cannot be replicated with a purely paper based system.

    The system uses a unique permit plot, which provides an interactive graphical interface to display all permit activity. Clicking on a permit marker invokes the full details for the associated permit. This visibility allows permit controllers, maintenance managers, HSE personnel, supervisors and users to quickly identify areas of risk or conflict and thereby improves safety.

Permit to Work

A flexible electronic Permit to Work system that provides a level of control in permit and work management that is lacking with paper-based processes.



Statistics and alerts

Dashboards provide an overview of the status of all permits, such as; number of active, overdue, on hold, completed permits, long term isolations. Diagnostic trends are easily configurable.


Easily visualise where all work in the facility is being performed to gain a full picture of the cumulative operational risk, improving communication and safety in the workplace.

Flexible permit solution

The option to continue to derive value from your existing investment in a paper based system, while gaining significant benefits through a highly visible electronic tracking solution.

Shutdown planning

Pre plan permit based work to assist with shutdowns and major change initiatives, in a safe and controlled manner.

Highly configurable

PTW systems are unique to each company. PTS from kanepi is highly configurable meaning the system can be seamlessly introduced at an operating asset without interrupting the existing PTW process.

Electronic PTW - fit for purpose

The kanepi full electronic Permit to Work software provides a complete end to end solution to raise, submit, review, approve, reject and close out permits. The solution is tailored to meet a customer’s specific permitry details and approval process.