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Provides control, transparency, efficient monitoring, tracking and management of risk associated with the use of overrides.

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    Immediate visibility of overrides

    An override, bypass or inhibit is an arrangement that interrupts a safety device or system from performing its intended function. While overrides are commonly used to enable essential work to be carried out, when an override is applied the level of protection is reduced which increases the risk in operating the associated asset.

    Through using override monitoring software from kanepi, operators, supervisors and managers have immediate visibility of all overrides at their asset(s), including time of activation, purpose, expected duration, time active and person responsible for activation. All required information is there, at your fingertips.

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    Meet compliance & HSE requirements

    The kanepi override monitoring application (OIM) can help operations comply with safety standards and government regulations. It is easy to configure and use, and automates monitoring and control. Best practice HSE guidelines on the usage of overrides can easily be applied, including; setting manageable limits for total number of overrides in place, maintaining an override log and history for audit purposes, ensuring visibility and control of all active overrides and minimising active duration.

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    Relevant across industry

    OIM from kanepi is industry independent and applicable to most processing industries, including oil & gas, petrochemical, refining, mineral processing and industrial processing sectors. Typical application includes monitoring process start up overrides and maintenance overrides in ESD, SIS and F&G systems. With OIM, companies can also monitor field based overrides, such as ‘bridges’ / ‘jumpers’, locked open / locked close valves, PSVs, pressure switches, valve jammers etc.

    OIM will provide your facility with everything you need to know about override usage, to enable a safer and more productive workplace.

Override Monitoring & Reporting

A flexible solution to help operations reduce risk in facilities and is applicable across processing industries.




The status of all overrides in a facility can be viewed at any time over the intranet from any networked PC in a real-time environment.


OIM from kanepi helps mitigate risk, helps reduce the number of incidents and therefore helps reduce cost and improve safety.

Easy to use

The solution is easy to install and maintain, easy to use, flexible and configurable to meet an operations specific requirements.


As kanepi OIM is vendor independent, override statuses can be sourced from multiple systems, including historians, DCS and SCADA.

Best practice

When striving for operational excellence, all companies should consider how they can improve the monitoring, reporting and transparency of overrides.