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A flexible and easy to use Information & Knowledge Management system designed for operations.

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    Capture & deliver information

    During times of economic uncertainty, companies look at ways to reduce costs and improve productivity. Employee turnover continually poses knowledge retention issues, which can in turn lead to a decrease in operating efficiency.

    Brain Box from kanepi enables the capture and sharing of information, pre-existing knowledge and experience in a quick and easy to use manner. The solution allows both explicit and tacit knowledge to be captured and made available across a company’s intranet. Now engineering, maintenance, operations and management have relevant information at their fingertips, allowing them make informed decisions and respond more effectively to problems as they occur.

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    The value of information & experience

    Brain Box is an easy to use system that helps minimise downtime, reduce inadvertent shutdowns and improves efficiency and productivity by providing operating personnel with ready access to information.

    Use Brain Box to prevent knowledge and experience from being irretrievably lost when personnel leave or retire, and use it to enable new starters be more productive in a shorter time frame. Use Brain Box to capture years of experience, knowledge and guidance that exists formally and informally at an asset. When information is needed to help solve a problem in your operations, it can now be found quickly.

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    A versatile solution

    Brain Box from kanepi can be configured to meet a company’s specific requirements. The solution incorporates workflow review processes, versioning, audit trails, a powerful search engine and a clear hierarchal structure for ease of use. Multiple information types can be easily added. The solution allows a company share information, experience and expertise between all of its assets.

Brain Box – Operations Knowledge Management

Developed to meet the needs of operations, Brain Box provides operating companies with an easy to use solution to manage their information needs.



Flexible and easy to use

Brain Box caters for multiple information types, has a clear hierarchal structure and can be configured to meet a company’s specific requirements.


Brain Box from kanepi provides companies with a cost effective solution to derive greater value from information and knowledge.


Brain Box has a powerful search engine; the easier it is to find relevant information, the faster an issue can be resolved.

Focused on operations

The solution has been designed for operations, engineering, maintenance, HSE and management teams.

Tangible benefits

Use Brain Box to help minimise unplanned process or unit shutdown times, save operations teams’ time and increase productivity.