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A web based Management of Change (MOC) system to improve operating asset safety and integrity.

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    The Management of Change lifecycle

    Undocumented or unapproved changes are known to have contributed to incidents in process industries. The improper recording, approval and reporting of change to an asset can have a negative impact on plant safety and integrity.

    The Management of Change (MOC) system from kanepi provides operating companies with a structured approach to manage change. The solution captures all relevant change information, ensures visibility of the change, provides for multiple approval levels, and ensures traceability/audit of changes.

    MOC manages the overall change lifecycle. The solution centralises all MOC change requests, includes an embedded approvals workflow, dashboard, audit trail, search capabilities and an optional hierarchical structure for ease of use.

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    Safety & reliability in engineering & process

    Operating companies need to manage non-routine changes, which can range from modifying process equipment or engineering works, through to changing trip points in safety shutdown systems or documentation changes. These changes are frequently managed through paper based systems, which by their nature can lead to inefficiencies and increased risk to the process, personnel and the environment.

    The MOC system from kanepi helps operating companies reduce incidents, improve reliability and save costs by centralising all MOC requests, providing visibility of planned changes and tracking the change to a satisfactory conclusion. When changes are visible and evaluated, risks are better understood.

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    Tailored to your needs

    kanepi understands that companies have MOC requirements specific to their organisation and business needs. The MOC solution from kanepi can be tailored and extended to meet customers’ specific workflow and functionality requirements. This flexible approach provides customers with a cost effective solution which utilises a robust and proven software platform, is built fit for purpose, and enables further configuration and functional enhancements as the business changes over time. Another flexible solution from kanepi.

Management of Change

A comprehensive MOC solution tailored to meet the needs of your operations. kanepi MOC provides oversight at all levels of the MOC process and drives ownership.




Dashboards provide an overview of the status of all MOC requests, highlighting approved, in-process and pending.

Statistics such as average MOC lifecycle and time at each approval level allow those responsible to quickly determine and remove bottlenecks in the MOC process.


kanepi MOC is a cost effective solution that leads to reduced risk, reduced number of incidents, improved safety and improved reliability.

Flexible and easy to use

MOC caters for multiple approval levels. MOC is easy to install, configure and maintain.

A ‘closed’ feedback loop

Determining the status of MOCs is difficult in most systems, especially for MOC originators in remote locations. This is often referred to as an ‘open loop’.

kanepi MOC closes this loop by providing visibility on MOCs across your intranet via a web browser.