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Maintenance of Instrument and Control Systems

This content is developed as a guide for instrument engineers and technicians to give them a broad understanding about the maintenance of instrument and control systems.

The information contained within this module gives an introduction to maintenance, the tasks that are accomplished during maintenance, the relationship between maintenance / maintainability and reliability / availability, the evolution of maintenance, and the management of maintenance at a facility. It looks at the maintenance concepts that can be employed at a facility (reliability based / scheduled / predictive / corrective / etc.), the calibration and tuning aspects of maintenance, the configuration (the physical properties and functional characteristics) of a piece of equipment or a system (giving examples of some popular interfacing tools for configuration), and a troubleshooting guide that provides insights into troubleshooting and some practical examples of troubleshooting.

The content also looks at the Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and its relationship with maintenance programs, auditing of any / all maintenance activities, the quality of maintenance activities, and some special concerns when factoring the maintenance activities (i.e. spare parts stocking / availability, preparing detailed procedures, and safety responsibilities for supervisors and employees).

This module is intended to be a guide for Instrument engineers and technicians who have a base level of understanding of maintenance systems and why they are in place, and wish to expand their knowledge further. The level of detail contained within the module should allow a user to gain an appreciation of what is required for a maintenance program to be successfully implemented and maintained at a facility.