kanepidia paid content overview

Honeywell Experion – General, Maintenance and Engineering

The Honeywell Experion section of kanepidia is an excellent introduction or reference guide for engineers, consultants and maintenance personnel working on the Experion control system.

Step by step instructions for performing various system functions is included as well as real world examples of coding, issues found, fault rectification etc.

The following overviews the content from a high level.

  • System Concepts (points / assets / cascade control / initialisation / PV tracking / Experion databases)
  • System Guidelines
  • Tuning
  • Backups (ERDB, EMDB, Assets, CM and OPC groups inclusive of a ‘manual backup’ batch file example)
  • EPKS / ESVT servers (synchronization, manual failover, file replication etc.)
  • ACE server
  • Station
  • Configuration Studio (ERDB, Control Builder)
  • SCADA (Quick Builder)
  • C300
  • Fault Tolerant Ethernet
  • OPC Integrator
  • Reports
  • HMI Web Graphics
  • Consoles and EST
  • Command prompt
  • Custom Algorithm Block (CAB with code examples)