kanepidia paid content overview


This content is a training module that is designed to give the user an appreciation of a GE RX3i Programmable Automation Controller (PAC). As with the GE Series 90 PLC’s, the RX3i has a modular approach that allows the system to expand along with your requirements. With integrated critical control platforms, logic, motion, HMI, process control high availability, the RX3i system provides greater flexibility and system performance.

This content discusses the RX3i system, looks at the user reference memory and details the different references used in the programming, discusses the different configurations of systems to provide redundancy in the application, and the hardware associated with the RX3i. It also details the communication protocol utilised by the controller, and defines the Ethernet Global Data (EGD) communication system. There is also a section that has some diagnostics tools that can assist with fault finding at either the I/O or the controller.

This content is intended to be used by engineers and technicians who have a limited knowledge of the GE PAC family of controllers, and wish to increase their understanding of how a PAC system is built, and how the system is configured.