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GE PLC 90-70

This content is a training module that is designed to give the user an appreciation of a GE 90-70 PLC. The GE 90-70 PLC is a versatile PLC that gives increased flexibility for a variety of solutions due to a wide range of isolated and high-density VME (Versa Module Europa bus) I/O modules. The 90-70 PLC combines an open architecture, various degrees of redundancy, and a flexible communications network to give the user a comprehensive solution that can address their most demanding applications.

This content looks at the 90-70 PLC and the features it contains, as well as a detailed look at the Genius Modular Redundancy (GMR) system and its components. It details the basic parts in the GMR, explains the various subsystems and details the maximum SIL ratings for the different configurations of the subsystems. There is also a troubleshooting guide that can assist an engineer / technician diagnose faults within the controller.

This content is intended to be used by engineers and technicians who have a limited knowledge of the GE PLC family of controllers, and wish to increase their understanding of how a GE 90-70 PLC system is physically configured, and the base parts of a 90-70 PLC controller.