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GE PLC 90-30

The content in this section is a training module that looks at the GE Series 90-30 PLC. The Series 90-30 PLC is a versatile controller that features redundant power and CPU’s, easy programming, and a modular architecture that lets the user expand the system with their own demands. It is intended to give the user an introduction to the basic components of a GE Series 90-30 PLC.

The content is broken into an overview of the 90-30 controller and its’ basic parts and the assembly of the controller, a review of the Genius Bus communication protocol and its’ associated interfaces, a list of references utilised in the CPU Reference Memory, and an overview of functions used in the programming of the ladder logic.

It also describes the redundancy concept in relation to the 90-30 PLC and how to monitor this, it looks at the hardware associated with the controller, and the communication protocol that the controller utilises. Finally, it has a troubleshooting guide that can assist an engineer / technician diagnose faults within the controller.

This content is intended to be used by engineers and technicians who have a limited knowledge of the GE PLC family of controllers, and wish to increase their understanding of how a PLC system is built, how the system is configured, and the base parts of a PLC controller.