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GE Cimplicity

This content is a training module that has been designed to assist the user with their understanding of the GE CIMPLICITY SCADA system. The GE Proficy HMI / SCADA CIMPLICITY system is a proven automation platform offering visualization and control from single machines through to plant systems across the globe. The content within the module is laid out to progressively lead the user through the CIMPLICITY system from opening / creating a project, through to population of information and then testing and running the program, with step by step instructions complete with visual aids to assist learning and help to explain the teachings.

The module discusses the Workbench development environment utilised for programming and how to navigate through some of its base components, how to open projects in the Workbench environment, a review of the different points that can be populated within the programming and some examples of errors and how to troubleshoot them when importing points into the system. It goes into detail on the alarms that can be configured in the system and how to develop them, an overview of the ports available in CIMPLICITY for communications, a description of how to configure the various devices that can communicate to the CIMPLICITY system, and an overview of the Database Logger that allows analysis of your system processes and equipment performance and how to configure it for your application.

It also details the CimEdit function and provides examples of how to create new screens or edit existing screens, how to add items to the screens, and a detailed description of the toolbars associated with the CimEdit function. There is also a section on CimView, which is the graphics runtime portion of CIMPLICITY, as well as an overview of the Basic Control Engine (BCE) which monitors for events and lets the user define actions to be taken in response to those events.

The content here is aimed at a target audience of Control Engineers, Instrument Engineers or Instrument technician personnel who have a base understanding of process control and the GE CIMPLICITY system. This material will allow the user to expand their knowledge on the CIMPLICITY SCADA system and assist them with creating or editing programs in the system.