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Control System Upgrading

This content is structured as a package that guides the user through the process of determining whether an upgrade of an existing control system is warranted and the steps required to perform the upgrade, from a business perspective. The auditing of control systems is also covered in detail. The content has been broken up into two sections:

  • Justification of Control System
  • Auditing

The two content sections are aimed at a target audience of engineering personnel that are looking at their current control systems and are determining if their current system is meeting the safety, technical and commercial reasons that it is there for.


Justification of Control Systems

The first section of this content looks at the justification requirements to upgrade a control system, the evaluation process to be followed, the system specification and vendor selection, the decision analysis for selecting the system and vendor and the cost justification process for determining if the upgrade should go ahead and with which control system type and vendor.

Auditing of Control Systems

This section of the content looks at the purpose of why an audit is conducted, the steps involved and the frequency of the audit, the functionality of the control system (with regards to process / control / safety / etc. considerations), the support functions involved that need to be considered when performing the audit, and finally some reasons that a control system upgrade may be required.