kanepi… connecting people with assets and information

Combines the collaborative power of modern day networking with event driven notifications from operational and corporate systems.

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    Unique productivity platform

    Imagine the benefits of having one system that provides personnel with real-time automatic notifications on plant/asset issues.

    Combine this with a modern collaborative environment which enables your team to discuss and solve issues and then store these discussions and resolutions in a searchable environment. Typically this invaluable information is lost in inaccessible personal emails or other systems.

    With FacePlant from kanepi, a rich chronological history of previous work performed on that asset is openly available, as well as associated documentation.

    FacePlant combines collaboration, automatic notifications, visualisation and mobility to deliver greater productivity to your business.

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    Improve collaboration between teams

    The FacePlant platform can be used in any environment where improved collaboration between teams is required. The solution can be implemented as a collaboration only application, and with the added benefits of notifications and visualisation.

    Standard features include post and messaging, attach and share files, comprehensive and intuitive search, mobility and connectivity.

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    Delivering information in context

    Connectivity through the FacePlant platform ensures users are automatically notified of events and changes in third party systems such as process control, CMMS, ERP, reporting, Permit to Work, HSE, and laboratory systems. Relevant information is automatically highlighted to team members in maintenance, operations, engineering and management.

    With the FacePlant platform you can view real-time process and equipment data, reliability and maintenance statistics, create management dashboards giving insight into business performance, access KPIs, and all within the context of your assets.

    Mobility ensures responsible personnel have access to business relevant information, are informed at all times and can respond appropriately to events as they emerge.


A unique productivity platform for industry.




Information relating to what has happened at your asset is available through FacePlant environment. Create management dashboards, view KPIs and reliability / maintenance statistics that give insight into business performance.

Delivering information in context

Users are automatically notified of events and changes in third party systems within the context of their role, ensuring they are informed at all times and can respond appropriately to events.

Improve productivity

Provides information tailored to your needs, with notifications, and a chronological history of work performed on your asset, including issues and issue resolutions, on a user friendly and intuitive platform.

One system

The FacePlant productivity platform delivers the benefits of one system that provides full integration between assets and systems and leverages information with your team.

Versatile solution

A versatile solution that can deliver benefits as a collaboration only application, or with enhanced connectivity to multiple third party systems.