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Anti-Surge Control

This is training content designed to give users an appreciation of the different types of compressors used in oil and gas fields, introduce the concept of anti-surge, and describe the symptoms and effects of anti-surge. It also overviews different techniques to control anti-surge, and explains the different approaches for compressor capacity control.

Also the points to consider when selecting and sizing an anti-surge valve, how to design a simple control system to control anti-surge, and the procedures to carry out a compressor performance test at site (for a plant start-up or if plant operating conditions change) are overviewed. Finally it looks at philosophies used for controlling series and parallel compressors, and the interaction between anti-surge and capacity control systems.

The content is laid out in an easy to follow structure with visual aids to assist in learning. The target audience for this module is based at personnel new to anti-surge with minimal experience, through to those that have had some exposure to the concepts and wish to expand their knowledge more.