What we do

kanepi is an information systems company focused on asset intensive industries and founded on many years of experience in operations, engineering, projects and maintenance. kanepi recognises the importance of information in enabling a company to operate more efficiently.

We believe operating companies cannot afford to comprise on making the right information available to the right people when needed. There is too much at risk; health and safety of personnel, the environment, asset integrity and potential production losses.

Irrespective of the industry sector, information with the right context supports the right people in making the right decisions, and results in improved management of assets.


kanepi Pte. Ltd. was established in Singapore to market a new software innovation – an operations information system that transforms asset information and knowledge into actionable intelligence for operating assets in any industry enterprise, and to provide software solutions that address the issues and challenges faced at operating assets and within operating companies.

The focus of kanepi is on improved productivity and safety, and reduced downtime and cost for our customers.

The technical team behind kanepi has a track record of success and proven backgrounds in the area of process information software and associated services.